Thursday, 2 July 2009

Level 2 Certification - Silver Clay

I've now posted my Level 2, Art Clay Silver Certification pieces..... If you need me, I'll be in a corner gibbering & hoping they're good enough to pass (or I'll have to do them again!).This is the first piece, a shaped rolled rope ring, with inset CZ and carving. I also had to oxidise it but took the picture before that (so you could see the carving depth better). It also had to end up an exact size (did that bit phew!)For the second piece you have to set a natural stone using fine silver bezel strip. The stone is bezel set post firing and a part of the pendant has to be mirror finished. The stone is a very pretty green Tourmaline & you can see the textured silver through it (cute).

This is the back showing the Fine Silver Bail back (or flat screw eye) which has to be used. It also shows the new name stamp I got from the fabulous Babette Cox! The final piece is a brooch, this one requires the use of syringe type clay. It also uses Art Clay Exclusive brooch findings which are always fun to set, lol. I really hope this one passes as I might have been a bit ambitious in adding cabs & SiChrome flakes. (fingers crossed).

Nic xx


  1. they look great! i hope you pass.

  2. Thank you!
    Love thant new pendant with the Labradorite beads you made, really pretty :)
    Nic x

  3. These are beautiful and your workmanship is topnotch. I can't imagine that you wouldn't pass! Love your logo stamp too, it gives such a professional finish.

  4. Thanks Deborah :)
    I'm so pleased with Babettes logo stamps I definately think that's going to be the next review/tutorial
    Nic xx

  5. They are so beautiful - wow!!! Love all of them and your finishes are perfect. I am sure you will pass with flying colours. I love your name stamp - that is just a gorgeous finishing touch!

    I look forward to the review on the logo stamps - I have been wanting to do that in the polymer too!

  6. Another batch of excellent work - I particular like the flower. The back of it is stunning too and love your name stamp. You take real pride in your silver work.

  7. Aww one didn't pass so I'm waiting on the pieces and paperwork to come back then I'll remake it.
    nic x

  8. Wow, fantastic work. I was perusing metal clay creations and found your blog... then noticed you are an SRAJD member. What an honor for the organization!

    Anyway, would like to ask a question/favor. On my blog, I am doing little blurbs on artists that I like. Nothing big... just showing their website, blog, a few photos. But I like to ask permission first (particularly since it's easier for me to hotlink).

    Would you have any objections if I wanted to mention you on my blog and if I included some of your photos?

    Let me know!


  9. Lol I post all the time, it's just that you found one of my old posts :-).
    No problem, feel free to post whatever you'd like.
    Nic xx

  10. Nicola
    Beautiful work! I'm just about to post my assessment pieces off, have never been so nervous, and have never made so many mistakes in my life! Have got to the point where I'm just banging my head against the wall. There have been tears!!!
    Love the blog!
    Lisa Porter

  11. Thanks Lisa
    Good Luck with your assessment pieces and if it's any consolation the more you do the easier it gets ;)
    Nicola xx


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