Sunday, 23 August 2009

Student Work - August Course

I had three students today and we were very proactive! They learnt setting with CZ stones, Brooch Fittings and how to make a ring. One had done a "smidge" of PMC work the other two were completely new to it :)I love this pretty flower brooch that Claire did - we added polymer clay to give it a jazzy centre and the earrings were left brush finish (because they looked fabulous!)Sally made a dragonfly brooch with a sapphire CZ highlight and a gorgeous ring (which fitted perfectly!)
Finally these stunning earrings and custom Pandora style charms, made by Adele, finished off this talented trios creations!
Didn't they do well :)
Nic xx


  1. Absolutely great work! But then, they had a great teacher.

  2. Awww bless you :) They were all so happy to go away with things they love and all were wearing their pieces too. Hoorah!

  3. Wow, what great work. I'm certain too you are a wonderful teacher.

  4. Wow! They did all these in one day? You *must* be a great teacher Nicola! Lovely work. I'd be chuffed if I were you. ;- )

  5. lol - thanks Lora
    Yes I am absolutely chuffed!
    nic x


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