Monday, 12 October 2009

Murano Silver in Print!!

After being named Silver Clay, Jewellery Maker of the Year by Beads and Beyond Magazine. I found I'm going to be included in TWO internationally published Metal Clay Calenders!!!
The first to tell me the good news was Marjorie Oxman who has published the "2010 Metal Clay Jewelry Calendar". Marjorie Oxman has done such a fantastic job creating this beautiful calendar which you can see below. (If you click the arrows you'll see my "Dali inspired" piece on page 11)

Excitingly I've also been included in Holly Guages "The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewellery" - Hollys calenders have been gracing my wall for the past two years. It's so exciting to see what international artists have been producing and such a honour to be included amongst them!
Click the link to see more of "The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry Calender". The images Holly uses are stunning! Mines the colourful triangular one, entitled "Thoth", which I think will be August :)
Sooooo so happy.
I've got to go and buy plenty of Calenders now, mum and the family have put their orders in already ;)
Nic x


  1. Su' Anscombe12 October 2009 at 21:09

    Its fantastic Nic and well deserved hun xx

  2. Oh well done Nic.
    You really are making some great things.
    I saw Julia Rai's piece on the front of Holly's calendar and totally missed yours when I had a quick look at her link. I should have had a better look but all the pictures are really small on the preview.
    That is all such fantastic news. You must be really chuffed and so you should be.

    Joy x

  3. Nice going Nicola! I knew you when...


  4. Well done!! The recognition of your peers is worth so much.

  5. That's fantastic news!! Well deserved!!

  6. Congratulations Nic. Especially for the magazine winner. That's wonderful! Happy celebrating!

    Your work is wonderful !

  8. How fantastic!!

    Well done - all your hard work is really paying off.

    Well done Nic xx

  9. Congrats on all of your successes. Whoopee!!

  10. I'm so happy for you! This is awesome!!


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