Sunday, 22 November 2009

Amulets and Talismans - Dancik Signed Book Giveaway

Great artists are often great story tellers and the idea of adding a story to your everyday adornment soon had me ordering an Advance copy of the Amulets and Talismans book from Amazon. I was so pleased with the book that when I next bumped into Robert (at a recent course at Mid Cornwall Jewellery School) I got an extra copy just for you to have a chance of winning :)

Robert Dancik shows how you can make your jewellery more meaningful and more personal. He says "it is the idea that steers the work, not the fascination with a material or showing off a technique." Handily Dancik adds a comprehensive section showing you how to use the tools needed for the projects. He writes in excellent easy to understand detail. (You can tell this guy has years of experience and is a great teacher, below is Robert in full flow at a recent symposium)
Getting the book isn't quite as good as face to face demo, but it's not a great start!

Faux Bone and PMC pieces, is a wonderfully versatile material. Alternatively you could substitute polymer clay but my suggestion is to try the Faux Bone (Robert also created a using Faux Bone DVD which add extra techniques to this book)

"Amulets and Talismans" ProjectsThe books 20 projects include:
Karma Bracelet (Charm bracelet)
Minkisi (Beaded tea infuser necklace)
Abracadabracus (Beaded abacus necklace)
Prayer Holder Bracelet (Pvc pipe inro bracelet)
Bound Heart Pendant (Wire-wrapped Faux Bone pendant)
Rune Necklace (Inlaid polymer clay beads carved with symbols)
Protection for the Traveller (Copper sheet pendant with Faux Bone accents)
Laibon Ax Pendant (Wire and Faux Bone necklace)
The Protective Eye (Polymer clay transfer on sheet metal background)
Story Bracelet (Faux Bone charm bracelet)
Medal for Unknown Good Deed (Tin can medal on Faux Bone background)
Finding your Way (Compass and wire necklace)
Split Rock Power Object (Paper pulp mache and resin pendant)
U + Eye (Bottle cap and resin pendant)
Power is Safe in the Void (Jar lid and concrete pendant)
Magnifying Your Path (Jar lid, polymer clay and magnifying glass pendant)
Never Far (Copper sheet pendant)
Closure for a Memory (Mica, sheet metal, and photo pendant)
Looking Back Bead (Plexiglas with Faux Bone topper)
Seeing Through (Pendant with a copper sheet box and concrete)

You can guarantee that you'll be inspired enough to try your own projects too. So get collecting those ticket stubs, bottle caps and beach treasure......and enter to win your own copy!

Here's how you win a signed copy of the book!Leave a comment below - one entry
Blog or Twitter about the prize - one entry for each :)
Be a fan of the blog or facebook - one entry
You need to make a comment for each entry - makes it easier to cut my pieces of paper up and put them in a hat ;)
Good LuckNic x
p.s. Entry closes November 30th

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