Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Funky Tribal - Ancient Image, Modern Materials

How to make a funky double layer pendant:
1) Use ACS or PMC clay that's been around a while
& re-used / re-rolled a few times. You'll notice it's not quite as smooth as the "Fresh out of the Packet" stuff you get better results that way ;)
2) Choose two texture plates (you can make them yourself or use commercial ones)
3) Spray one of them with coolslip (or oil it so it doesn't stick)
4) Roll out clay and press onto texture sheet
5) Here's the cool bit, RIP the edges leaving it irregular.
6) Let that shape dry flat & don't try to neaten it!
7) Repeat the process making top piece using the second texture. This time wet the edge of your finger & smooth the edge slightly
8) While the top piece is still fresh & shapeable, moisten the pieces and add a little slip to help join them together.
9) Let dry completely then either make a roll over bail for the back ,or drill a hole to attach a jump ring.
10) Smooth any rough areas on the edge (just enough so they're not scratchy). Sponge backed sanding pads are great for this.
11) Fire & finish your pendant as normal (these look great oxidised)

Here's my finished pendant beaded with sterling tribal beads and labradorite 3mm rounds.
Hope you like it!
Nic xx


  1. Wow Nic that is bl***y gorgeous that is. I absolutely love it. Would love one but I dont do PMC I cant cope with another persuit, I do too much now!! Hee hee!

  2. Oh I forgot to say its very Picasso, I love Picasso! :0))

  3. I absolutely this style of pendant, it is so organic. Your work is very inspirational. Well done Nic

  4. Thanks Gals, it was fun to make and was sold to the first person who tried it on YAY!
    More are definitely in progress :)
    Nic xx

  5. Gosh that is really beautiful. Stunning piece

  6. Very beautiful, I'm not surprised that you sold it so quickly!

  7. I am new to pmc and I actually tried to make some and it didn't turn out right.............now I know why after reading some of your tips. I will make some this weekend Thanks to you! :) Michele

  8. Yep - keep going you'll get there eventually :)
    It's only this rough edge piece that works better with iffy clay (everything else is best nice & smooth)

    Nic xx


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