Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Making Layered Pendants for Resin / Enamel

Would you like to add colour to your pieces? There are lots of ways to do this, resin, patina solutions, enamel, polymer clay, coloured pencils, transfers...the list is endless.
In the case of resin & enamel you ideally need to design indents for the resin or enamel to go.
Options for this include indenting the clay with stamps or using cutters to make a two layer pendant.

Here is the first stage in one of my two layer "starry night" cat pendants...
1) First I cut a detailed top piece (the window & cat shape).
This can be as simple or as complex as you like ~ multiple circle cut outs are easy to do, yet look very effective
2) Carefully use water & a smear of paste to join onto rolled out clay.
3) Trim to fit & leave to dry.
If the pendant is to be enameled then take extra care to make the top layers vertical as undercuts can cause cracks in the enamel.
Next you need a hanging point so (avoiding the indented resin area) drill a hole for a jump ring or make a roll over/fold over bail.

This pendant is using a roll over bail which is formed on a straw.
1) Using your chosen texture plate roll out clay to 2/3 cards thick.
2) Use a cutter to create a straight edge.
3) Roll clay over a straw until it touches the other side
4) Cut another straight edge at the "touching point"
5) Use a little water moisten & join the edges.
6) Let dry to leather hard & ease straw out
8) Finish drying then fill in any gaps with syringe clay.
9) Tidy up edges, sand & smooth
10) Moisten pendant & bail, then join using paste or syringe.
11) Let dry then reinforce front & back with a thin syringe line.

Fire in a kiln: at approx 850 degrees for 2 hours to make the pendant as dense as possible.
If using a round bail fire in a fibre blanket or vermicellite (so pendant doesn't end up curved)
If torch firing: I suggest using a flat bail (or a hole with jumprings) to help get get full scintering
Note: Both PMC and Art Clay Silver are porous so to get the best results the areas to receive enamel/resin should be compressed by burnishing, engraving or tumbling with steel shot.

Once fired, finished & polished, follow the directions to add enamel, epoxy resin or UV resin of your choice.
Add the chain and voila, your finished!
Nic xx
P.S> If you intend to sell these pendants then
1) Please don't use my design ;)
2) Don't forget to weigh it & if you're in the UK, get it hallmarked if over 7.78 grammes!


  1. Great pendant! Thanks for the tips. I haven't done enameling yet but I am interested in trying. I had a request for a pendant in my shop but the customer wanted it blue. I knew it needed to be resin or enameled but couldn't help him out.

  2. Hi Debora
    Being Canada/USA side of the pond I'd recommend the excellent colores resin system (available from Rio Grande). It's what I used on the pendant above and it's really, really, easy to mix. The colour I used is Sapphire Blue :)
    Next time they want blue you can then say "Yes!"
    Nic x

  3. I need to place an order for more PMC and get busy! I think I'm spending too much time on this computer-truth be told!! Thanks for the tutorial Nic, I'll post when I get anything done. :) stace

  4. Lol - I know that feeling, I go to check my e-mail and next t hing I know hours have passed...
    Nic x

  5. Thankyou for stopping over at my blog ! Great you want to join in the Swap!
    Love Sam xx

  6. I absolutely want to join the swap I love making surprises for people (that's why I'm doing Pay it Forward too)

    Nic xx

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