Thursday, 7 May 2009

Etsy Treasury & a Blog Award :)

There's loads happening with my Silver Clay work at the moment, including my recent membership of a very talented bunch of Artisans called the "Etsy Metal Clay Team" as a new member I even got a mention on their blog - how welcoming is that *kisses to the EMC'ers

I've been promoting their works in my recent treasuries and a few of the EMC follks have included me in theirs. The most recent is the one above by CleverEndevour. She chose to feature my "Wheel of Life" pendant, a multi layer silver clay creation. Can you see the works of the other talented folks too?

My mum is visiting this weekend and (bless her) she's been scouring her vintage button collections to bring me new patterns to take moulds of. There's a fabulous floral design and even an Egyptian style profile...can't wait to see how they come out! I'll be taking some mould tomorrow so will try to take a few pictures of the process for you & blog it into the techniques section :)

Another wonderful thing that has happened this week is the wonderfully talented Gail Burton has given me this Blog Award.
Gail is best known for her English Bull Terrier paintings on canvas, but she does do other animals and magnificent mixed media work.

I own one of her pieces, a blue cat watching a fish in a pond. It's in the form of a sign which says "My Cat is purrfection" it sits on the wall above where skittles (our cat) likes to sleep.
Gails vibrant art really cheers the soul and she raises tons of money for rescue charities too!

Gail sells her work on various sites though Ebay seems to be favourite. If you follow her blog she'll often give a heads up on what she's about to list :)
Here are two of her latest creations...aren't they fabulous!

Oooh one last thing I have to choose 8 more people who's blogs I deem worthy of this beautiful award (actually, I could choose easily choose more but that's not in the rules)
Here is my list of bloggers who I give this award to:
Daily Be An inspirational blog full of uplifting faith :)
Birdland Creations Very talented Metal Clay Artisan
Lazy Daisy Glass Very Talented Glassworker!
Two Left Hands She makes the cutest little Mossie People & Dolls
Lisas Lovlies Silver Jewellery and ring creator!
Junk Mamas One mans Trash turns to Junkmammas Treasure!
Simple Subtleties - Stacey is an animal carer and Jewellery Artisan :)
Such & Such Lora Hart is a talented Metal Clay Artist and Author
PHEW! That was hard, but each one of these blogs is very different from the other and give me hours of browsing pleasure between them.
Nicola xx


  1. Awww...bless you for that Nicola!

    Gail x

  2. Thanks Nic - I haven't done anything about the award as yet as I'm up to my neck in customer orders. Will participate shortly. xx

  3. Thank you for the recognition!!! I am honored and humbled that you enjoy my blog. Your jewlery is inspiring to me! I guess that makes us a good team!

  4. Awesome, I love the EMCer's such a talented group of people. x

  5. Oh Nicola, Thanks so much for tagging my blog for the award! Very sweet - but I never take part in the tagging things. Does that make me a bad, ungrateful blogger? *ducks head in embarrasment*

    I appreciate the honor though. It really does mean a lot to me. ;-)

  6. Lora no need to pass it on at all, and I'm definately sure you're a generous to a fault blogger, lol
    Nicola xx

  7. Hi Nicola, thank you for the award, I appreciate it very much! I must be a bad blogger too, I always mean to pass them intentions are good!

  8. Wow Nic! That is really awesome and Thank You! I had never heard of Gail but now I will have to tune in too. I'll be waiting to see that mould tutorial and someday hope to try it out! xxoo stacey


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