Monday, 22 June 2009

Babies Footprints Captured Forever....

This week I've been mainly using my nail lamp! This is the original footprint plus the black out transparency that I used to make the photo-polymer plate with. The finished pendants are then created using the finished photo-polymer texture plate.
I also use my nail lamp with my UV resins. I get them from Petra over at and they're so much more convenient than mixing up big pots of two part resin. No weighing required, a blob of the resin, a drop of colour, a twiddle with a cocktail stick, a visit to the "sun bed" and it's done!
This is every colour resin that Petra does (except yellow - ran out of daisies DOH!). You can vary the intensity by adding less colour to get a more transparent look too. Marvelous!

I just need to take lots and lots of photos now so I can get them in my shop and up on Etsy ;)
Nic xx


  1. Nic I really like those feet! Any relation to you? The daisies are adorable too! Thanks for sharing, I've added more stuff to my list of supplies to try to get. One day I'll get busy!;) Stacey

  2. The feet belong to an adorable little girl (the grandchild of a customer of mine).
    She often pops in and one day brought me a footprint in and said "What can we do with this?" I can't wait to her what the mum thought of her new "feetsies"!
    The UV resins are fabulous, a little more to buy initially but much less waste so better value
    Nic xx

  3. I love the FEETSIES!!! so wonderful!

  4. oh lovely, i wanted to do PPP but dont have a lamp so thought id try brass etching, have the equipment but yet to give it a go, maybe tomorrow. Love, so many things to buy and add to my wishlist "sigh"

  5. Hello, I think your Aqua Chalcedony pendant is lovely and this is a mounting I need for my sea glass, all of which are weird and wonderful shapes & sizes! but did you cement the stone on to the backing please? If so what did you use and how do you ensure you put on enough to make it secure and not so much that it's visible round the edges?
    Jan Miller

  6. I use a 2 part Jewellery Epoxy Resin - but at a pinch an Araldite 2 part Epoxy will do the same job :)
    I use a little smidge to secure it first then when thats dry I fill in with extra from the middle.
    I also roughen the glass/stone with a diamond burr where the mount will be secured.
    Hope that helps
    Nic x


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