Monday, 15 June 2009

Perfect Torch for PMC & Soldering!

This is the Nimrod PT 500 Pro Torch, it's quite simply the best torch I've found for PMC and small scale jewellery soldering. Teresa Speer (head Honcho at the In the Studio Jewellery School) recommended it & I've been using mine for two years, for a large variety of jewellery tasks, without a single problem....
At approx £38 it certainly isn't the cheapest option, but it IS perhaps one of the best value:
1) It's solid construction, looks like it will last forever
2) It has a 60ml Butane reservoir so less refilling
3) Long Running Times - even when doing lots of work (up to an hour!)
4) Max torch temp 1350º C (2460º F)

It's also eminently adjustable and has done everything from firing PMC to fusing fine silver & melting dichroic glass too!

Top Torch Rating: 4.8 stars!
Ease of Use *****
Versatility *****
Construction *****
Price ****

If you haven't chosen your torch yet this is a great buy!
Nicola x

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  1. Wow, sounds like the "cadillac" of torching. Thanks for the review!


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