Sunday, 10 January 2010

Count your Blesties!

I was commenting on a beautiful necklace on Joy Funnells blog when this came up in word verification...
Isn't it great when sometimes life has it's own rewards.....
Give a Little, Get a Little
& remember to notice when life sends you its little Blesties ;^)
Nic x


  1. Count your blesties indeed. BTW - Happy New Year

  2. Aren't those word verifications funny sometime. I was just posting a comment on a blog about changing hair color and my word verification was "brulete" that is too close to brunette, so I think it's a sign to go ahead and change my hair color ;)

  3. Ha, I've had few of those that made me take a second look. "Blesties" to you!!

  4. Thanks Nic and Blesties to you :)

  5. Hubbie and I keep using Blesties now it's so cute! There's always more to find though. It's amazing how some of them, like "brulete" are spookily on track.
    Hmmm my 2010 conspiracy theory is that there's someone out there typing them....can you imagine what a fabulous job that would be!!!
    nic xx

  6. haha i love it when a cute word verification pops up! or a funny one ;)


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