Monday, 22 February 2010

Making a 2 part - riveted pendant.

Here's my finished Tin & PMC Mixed Media Pendant & below is how I made it.

Making a 2 layer Pendant1) First find a lovely tin you like and work roughly how big you need the centre cut out to be.
2) Roll out clay 1mm to 1.5mm thick and cut out back shape
3) Repeat for the top using the same cutter (adding texture if required)
4) Cut out an inner shape using a needle pick or slightly smaller cutter.
5) Let all the pieces dry.
6) Once dry refine the INNER edges of your front piece.
7) Line up the front and back then sand the edges for a perfect fit.
8) Drill pilot holes in the front only to make it easier to drill once fired.
9) Either add a silver clay bail at this point OR allow space to solder one on later.
10) FIRE the clay and allow to cool.
11)Using the fired pieces as a template, cut out the tin that will be sandwiched between the rivets.
12)Check for alignment and trim as needed.
13) Ball up the ends of three pieces of 1mm sterling silver wire
14) Line up layers & using a 1mm drill bit drill through all three layers (one hole only)
15) Put the wire through the hole and turn pendant over cut wire just under 1mm away from the back of the pendant.
16) Remove wire use file to take point from cut end (one or two strokes of the file at most)
17) Re-insert wire place pendant face down then hit the cut end in a circular motion ~ you're aiming to make a mini mushroom shape.
18) Turn pendant back to front side and if required flatten the end of the ball.
(this also tends to flatten the mushroom on the back even more)
19) Repeat one by one for the other two (or more) holes ~ drilling each in turn until the pendant is fully riveted.
20) Polish and enjoy!
Nicola x


  1. thanks for sharing the process. i've not done this before.

  2. Wow! I love this! I think I could do this even, thanks so much for the tutorial, your the best. Hugs~Stacey

  3. Very Nice Nic !!
    I love to rivet !!!
    Your piece looks beautiful!

  4. This is brilliant - Mmmmmmm - it would work well with polymer I that is a thought!

  5. Wow thanks all *basks in warm glow*
    Nic xx

  6. You inspire me to break open that packet of silver clay that has lain untouched in my drawer for over a year.
    The tutorials are great.

  7. Definitely open the packet and have a go -
    The stuff has a shelf life so better used sooner than later ;)
    Make sure all your tools are laid out and ready and have some water to condition it (if it gets a bit dry you flatten it between your fingertips smear a drop or so of water onto the surface then fold the water into the clay)
    When not using the clay wrap it in cling-film and pop back into the pack with a moist kitchen towel.
    Happy Making
    Nic x

  8. I have just stumbled across your blog and it just happens i enrolled in a course in Australia yesterday. Love the work you have and the tutorials look great. I shall keep visiting.

  9. Hooray on the first step to silver clay creativeness!
    Glad you've found us and hope you enjoy the tutorials, there's a lot more in the Archives (LHSide) and I add to the blog quite often.
    If you've got a question, just stick it in the topics comments (older ones come up for approval via e-mail) and I'll try to answer if I can.
    Happy Making
    nic xx

  10. I just love this...thanks for the tutorial. I'm itching to have a go and definately be having a try at making something similar soon. 'Pips' comment about incorporating polymer clay is food for thought too.

  11. Thank you :)
    You're so talented, this would look fab with your artwork in!
    Nic xx

  12. Hi! I love your work. I especially like the one with the little cat tin in the heart. I have never made this kind of jewelry but it sure looks fun. You make it look so great! Where do you get the tins from? I looked on line and couldn't find any. Thanks for your great tutorials.



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