Monday, 28 September 2009

Enamel Testers Lavenders, Purples, Golds and Reds

Above are my third set of enamel samplers (see the first Opaques HERE and last weeks set below). As mentioned previously these test firings are direct onto well Burnished Silver Clay.
On my screen, the colours are quite true, with the exception of Rich Ruby Red (which you have to tilt to the light to see a deep dark red) but feel free to ask questions or there's a MUCH higher res photo on my Flickr photo stream.
All comments and experience sharing welcome & feel free to link to any colour tests of your own!
Hope this is useful to folks :)
Nic xx


  1. My favourite is the lilac - but are all nice and bright

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all your test pictures Im really interested in having a go with enamels and its very inspiring seeing all the colour possibilities.

  3. That Ninomiya T94 Rich Ruby Red looks really nice Nic. Is that without a flux under it? How do you think it compares with the Kujauku red? Have you found the Holy Grail of a replacement? :-)
    Joy x

  4. Hi Joy
    All the first runs will be without any flux under them, I intend to go back to the reds and try them with a SOJE3 silver flux.
    I tried a Latham T232 flux as a counter enamel which went horrid brown on my fine silver sample :(
    Just pulled out all the reds so I can do a direct comparison,the NJE T94 is a bit pinker
    but the NJE T21 (if applied thinner than my test sample) might be the Holy Grail you've been looking for :)
    nic xx

  5. Thanks Nic, I shall do some ordering and testing! Sounds good.


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