Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Latest Makings and Anubis progress...

Here are a few finished commissions PLUS some "works in progress".

These were drawn freehand, then the design transferred using photo-polymer plates, onto Fine Silver (PMC). Post firing, I attached sturdy Sterling Cuff link fittings and oxidised for detail.
Below is another commission, this time square cufflinks, stone set and with three initials.

I've also been working on my Masters Registry votive piece, Anubis. He's starting to take shape. Since last time I've added some detail to the head area (lots more still to go though).

The body has been slimmed down, ready to apply the clothing and decorative layers.

I still need to add hands but I'll do those after the other parts are finished (easier to work on and less risk of damage). Anubis might have to wait a while though as the Christmas prep is higher up the list (here's a "Night Before Christmas", which is also progressing nicely).....

Hope you enjoyed seeing my "works in progress", what are you working on at the moment?

Nic xx


  1. Love your works in progress Nic! My favorite is "Not a creature was stirring...." That is just adorable...perfect for the approaching holiday season. :)

  2. Well done! I too love the Christmas one- it is so charming!

  3. Good stuff Nic - they are all looking great. I'm working on my competition pieces for the Art Clay conference next month so I can't really show them yet!

  4. Love seeing your work in progress, like the Christmas brooch too. I'm working on a range of silver and enamel cufflinks. What do you think of the soyer enamels? I tend to use Milton Bridge and Shauer

  5. Thanks Kathleen
    The mousie is all finished now and I'm realy pleased with the finished result. Just need to make a few more for sale now :)

    Stacey - you know how to make a girl feel grand!

    Joy - I'll be keeping an eye on your blog, can't wait to see those new pieces!

    The soyer enamels are really easy to use -
    but I haven't tried any other brands yet :)
    nicola x

  6. You know your 'night before Christmas' brooch, it would look great if a couple of them had an enamelled starry sky through the window!

  7. Great minds Julia ;)
    Nic x


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