Monday, 9 March 2009

Making pictures into Jewellery

Here's a quick snap of some penguin cufflinks I made & here's how I made them
1) I drew the cute penguin in black indian ink on white paper.
2) I scanned the image into my PC.
3) The Image was scaled to cufflink size then printed onto clear acetate.
4) Using a Photopolymer Plate I made a custom impression stamp. The photopolymer plates were purchased from WholeLotta Whimsey (here's one of their videos on Making Photopolymer Plates)
5) I impressed the plate onto freshly rolled pmc & cut the cufflinks fronts to size.
6) The cufflinks were kiln fired for two hours at 880°C, brushed, tumbled & polished.
7) I flash torched them to remove any oils and give the 22k gold overlay paste something to adhere to.
8) I applied the gold overlay paste & torch fired it. (see how here)
9) Anther quick brush & session in the tumbler
10) I then applied the fineness stamps & soldered a sterling silver back onto the front of the cufflinks. (Here's a ganoskin post on PMC soldering)
11) Finally I hand textured where the patina was going and used a paintbrush to selectively apply Platinol.
12) A swoosh off of the Platinol & a polish later and HOORAH I was done!!

Naturally it doesn't have to be a cufflink, why not try it yourself on a plain pendant (no soldering involved) lol

Nic xx


  1. Nic, I wanted to thank you for the prayers for my son! I really appreciate it & will keep you posted on his 2nd interview! :) I love your site, PMC is very new to me and I find it so fun. I love to take pictures and the PPP's look very inspiring to me. I will have to order some. Can you explain what Platinol is & is the clear acetate overhead projecter paper? I think I'm going to order supplies & try making Cory a tie tack for his next interview. Thanks!

  2. Platinol is like liver of sulphur only it goes grey/black (without all the colours in between :)
    Overhead projector paper would be perfect!
    As long as it's clear so the black becomes a light barrier when exposing the UV plate then you should get a good image :)
    Will keep my prayers up
    Nic xx

  3. They look great.Hmm - I wondered what platinol was too - yet it looks more colorful in your photo?

  4. Where do i buy delveloper spray

  5. Try Pajed (under suppliers list)


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