Monday, 2 March 2009

Tutorial - PMC and Polymer Clay Pendant

Challenge yourself using Mixed Mediums!
This pendant was made in four pieces & 2 stages. If you'd like to adapt the idea to your own designs, this is how I made it. :)

Stage One
1) First I made the flat leaf shape at the back, this had three little blobs of clay attached towards the centre of the top section. I carved lines in the edge in the clay stage too
2) I made the Aztec Texture top section, again with some blobs on the back (but in different areas to the bottom)
3) I made & attached the swirly bail to the rear section (a fold over bail or just a hole would also work).
4) All the silver clay pieces were then fired at 850 for 2 hours. (You can fire them how you like)

Next Stage
Remember those blobs of clay? (Top of the back piece and rear of the top piece?). Well they become like little rivets to hold your polymer clay in place
1) Make a thick layer of polymer clay.
2) Cut it to the shape needed to fit between the 2 layers
3) Sandwich it between the two layers & pat the edges with a shaper to tidy the fit up
4) Bake in the oven like you normally would
5) Apply any patina to the silver you like & polish it all up
Finally - relax with a nice cup of tea, glass of wine etc & enjoy your new pendant!
Nic xx


  1. WOW . .. you're amazing. I was lookin' for some data on polymer and PMC and you pop up again with another didy full of great info! I love that you share and do appreciate your work!

  2. You're welcome and I appreciate the comment (always good to know a post has been useul for someone) :)
    Nicola x


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