Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Repairing Unfired PMC & Art Clay

Here's how to solve those Silver Clay "oopsies"
The easiest way to fill a small crack is using a syringe version of the same Art Clay as the one your created the pendant in. (i.e If Art Clay 650, then you'd use art clay 650 syringe).
The fine tip (blue) is perfect for piping the clay straight into the crack.
Another alternative is to use home made slip (created from waste clay when you made the pendant) a toothpick is a good way to apply it.

You should try to do all repairs in the greenware (unfired) state & you need to slightly overfill the crack so that as it dries (& shrinks) it still fills the crack. Once the clay has dried sand to blend the repair in.

If the design has texture, fill it and then very carefully blend in the "fill" while its still moist (you'd use a rubber tipped blending tool for this). If you fill & blend be prepared to do the filling procedure more than once as each time it dries it will shrink into the crack.

Alternatively use your "break up" change the design in a new & creative way!!
Like pretending it was your idea all along and adding some enamel ;)
Nic xx


  1. Useful information - especially like your last one lol - my sort of repair!!

    Can I ask a question? Can you fire slow dry 650 ACS with fine silver wire, with a torch, or will the fine silver wire melt? I want to find a way to use wire with the clay, but do not have a kiln. Thanks for any info!

  2. Technically the temperature needed to melt the fine silver wire would also melt your PMC jewellery.
    BUT in reality, it also depends on the thickness of your wire in comparison to the piece. The best thing to do would be to do a test.
    Use your torch to heat a little of the the fine silver wire you intend to use. Melt it on purpose to see when it melts. Then you know how much heat it can take (which will help).

    When Torching the Pendant/Earrings etc.
    If you start heating the pendant, earrings from the furthest point away from the wire & keep the torch moving until it's an even heat you should be fine.

    Let us know how you get on :)
    Nic xx

  3. Thank you Nic. I was hoping I could do it - will have a go and will post something about how I got on.

    This is really good, concise information - exactly what I needed.


  4. Opened a brand new package of Art Clay copper tonight and it was rubbery. It would not roll out. It was almost the consistency of cold mold. Any suggestions?

  5. Really odd - nope I haven't had anything like that...Give your distributor a call and see if it might be just that batch.
    (product is still in early days so it would be worth checking.)
    nic xx


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