Tuesday, 31 March 2009

PMC Course - Students Pieces :)

The real beauty of Silver Clay is that under tuition even complete beginners can design and make lovely, real silver jewellery in a couple of hours – with no previous experience at all!

These are the pieces that my students made on Sunday (in amongst all the other things they learnt to do!)

Courses are taught in small groups (minimum 2 maximum 4) in my fully equipped workshop. Although the courses are specifically designed to enable absolute beginners to produce fantastic results we tailor each course to the abilities of the participants. (This week my students also learnt soldering, patina techniques and using coloured resins)

I run courses about every six weeks and the £65 course fee includes a kit to take home and enough silver clay to make one large piece or two to three smaller pieces. (You can buy more clay from on the day if you want to make chunkier jewellery).

These pieces are their first ever pieces & I think they look fabulous!
Nic x


  1. They look fantastic - wish I lived nearer - I'd be on your course in a flash - and such a reasonable price too!

  2. Your jewelry is lovely and interesting. Glad you are sharing with the world!

  3. Same here... I would love to be where you are and take a class!

  4. Thanks all, it's a shame you all live so far away...hopefully you'll still find a class nearby :)
    In the mean time I'll keep gradually adding useful stuff to the blog!
    Nic x


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