Friday, 20 March 2009

Inspired by Dali

Persistence of Memory -

"Bits and pieces of fired metal clay had been lying on my workbench ~
The face had been managing to look accusing ~ she needed to be jewellery, so I sawed her in half intending to make earrings.....
A single earring stud waiting for me to make it's mate (I'd lost the other).
The Oval frame was an experiment in pouring liquid clay into a silicone mould & then topping it up...(it worked, though required lots of syringe filler & sanding to make the surface acceptable!)

I'd been reading one of my Dali books, so was in altered head space when I spotted the oval frame and other pieces, I started arranging them into different combos....Dali's muse had struck!

The only problem was it was all fired silver...The textured back & bail helped pull it all together. Lots of Oil paste & multiple firings later & I was quite pleased with the result (until the face fell off in the tumbler - ARRRGH).
I couldn't face opening that stinky smelling oil paste again so I hard soldered the face back onto the pendant! Problem solved ;)
Once it had been soldered I pickled it then used bicarb to un-pickle it then I felt that "just in case" I should cover where the solder had been --- I used multiple layers of Black and Aqua UV resin until I got the greeny black almost patina colour "Persistence of Memory" was born!"

Have you ever read and inspirational journal/book & then re-purposed some of you pieces??
Exciting isn't it!


  1. Wow! That one is a keeper, I love it! Very original.

  2. Thanks Stacey :)
    It's off at the Hallmerkers at the moment...I'd love to keep it, but already have plans for the next one! So this one will be appearing on Etsy or similar, lol
    Nic x

  3. beautiful Nic, you are so good at being just that bit different, brill

  4. Thanks Sally
    It was fun making it :) (once I got some inspiration!)

  5. I love this design, it completely unique. Well done. In fact all your designs are great.


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