Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Applying Gold Overlay Paste to Silver Clay

Applying Gold Overlay Paste
The best method I've used was to fire the silver then carefully remove the cool silver without touching the area you are adding gold to (finger oils will affect gold adhesion).
Add the gold while the silver is still in it's white stage and then torch fire it on.
Dry naturally, ***do not use a griddle or hotplate to dry
Apply multiple thin coats of gold***must be thin coats***
2 coats will yield a very subtle gold application, 3 or 4 will be much more visable
***must dry in between coats as directed above

When Torch firing Torch evenly until the orange glow is present then time the firing for 3-7 minutes (do not overheat or the gold will be absorbed into the surface of the silver...just a light orange glow...not red). I then Finish & Polish the whole pendant by hand, burnishing the gold areas particularly gently.


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