Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hob Firing PMC and Art Clay Silver

Ideally, SilverClay needs firing for a set time at a set temperature.
However, with practice, you can fire small pieces on a kitchen gas hob. This is best for pieces no bigger than a 50p piece and if you dont have a gas hob you could try a portable camping stove.

Lay the mesh on the hob and light the gas. As it heats up you'll notice cherry red areas these will be heating between 650-800 degrees (suitable for silver clay). Turn the gas off and, after the mesh has cooled, lay your dried clay on one of the red spots. Cover the piece with a mesh "box" for firing safety and relight the gas.

Fire your piece for 6-10 minutes, making sure that it's still in a red spot. Let it cool before you touch it, or the mesh. N.B If you don't get any red spots then your hobs flame may be too far from the mesh & the metal wont be strong enough if you try to fire this way... If you have a camping stove try that :)

Happy Heating x


  1. I have a fantastic portable Camping Gas Ring that I use, which means I don't have to clear away when it's time to make the dinner.

  2. Really good idea as Camping Gas stoves often have hotter better flames :)

  3. Can you fire leaves and other organic objects that PMC was painted on using this method, or does that only work in a kiln?

  4. Hi Thea
    Yes you can fire slip painted objects like this, but make sure they're nice an thick as hob firing isn't quite as strong as Kiln / Torch firing.
    Nicola x


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