Friday, 20 February 2009

PMC Tool List

I've been asked a few questions on PMC mainly during my courses, so I thought I'd start a Blog to put lots of useful advice all in one place :)

PMC Suggested TOOLS - minimum needs, in order of use
A roller - used for rolling out the clay
A rolling surface - Non-stick as possible e.g. a glass board or polished tile
Spacers or playing cards - for getting the depth of the clay even
Cutting blade, scalpel - For getting straight edges and making your shapes.
A small lidded pot - to put filings & tiny offcuts into so you can save them for making silver clay paste or slip
Various grades of sanding pads - or get a 4 way nail filing block and strip the sides off.

For Hob firing, stainless steel mesh with protection net.
Torch firing - Handheld torch and a firing brick (asbestos substitute not a household brick )
Kiln - If you can get access to a kiln then use it, the metal is normally denser and the results more consistant.
Stainless steel or brass brush - for brushing off the white post firing and leaving you lovely silver.
Silver polish & Cloth - for getting the final buffed up shine.

Some Optional Extras:
For ring making - A sliding ring guage, A wooden ring mandrel, and ring papers (to stop clay sticking to the mandrel).
For Better finishes - A small set of metal files for neatening edges quicker than sanding them down.
Long Tweezers - For holding / moving the pieces when firing
Liver of Sulpher - For antiquing or bringing out fine detail
Burnishers & ultra fine sanding pads - Post firing for a REAL shine!
Cutters & Shapers - Using pre-shaped cutters e.g. hearts will same time and give you more consistant shapes
Tiny drill bits - you can twist them in your fingers to drill through the unfired clay & make jump ring holes & hanging points.
Texture Mats/plates - Roll the clay out on these and you'll have fabulous patterns straight away!
Letter Stamp Set - For stamping words into unfired (rubber stamps) or fired clay (metal stamps).
Feel free to add any suggestions & comments (I'll add them to the list)
Nic xx


  1. Hi,
    I'm anxious to try working with my new pack of Copper Clay, but am now reading not to use my Silver clay tools with it. How about washing the tools prior to use with the copper? I hate to go buy all new tools at this point. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    thanks, Molly

  2. If you're at the "I'm just trying it out" stage then giving the tools a good wash off after with soapy water will be fine.
    If you then find you love the new Copper Clay enough to want to use it all the time, then a spare basic tool set roller, knife etc would be worth the investment
    nicola x

  3. Hi Nicola

    I am new to the world of silver clay! I love your tips and your website is so very inspirational : ) I am excited to get started!!

    I wanted to ask if you knew of some rubber stamps I could use for adding names / text! before the silver clay sets? I have found some really nice letters that you add to a clear rubber block.....but when they arrive they are sadly too large for the pieces I am making. I have been able to find 1 stamp set but the words can only go in a straight line and the letters are not nice and swirly or different!

    Any ideas would be much appreciated
    Many Thanks
    Di xxx

  4. Thank you Di :)
    I tend to engrave them in with my burnisher tip
    (then it can be done in whatever style and shape you want) for letters you can use metal letter stamps free hand ~ just oil them well with olive oil first!


  5. Hi Nicola,

    Many Thanks for the olive oil tip! I did see the metal letter stamps and avoided them as I feared they would get stuck to the clay!! I have just ordered my copy of Beads and looks like a good read!

    Thanks so much again, loving the blog and the work in progress posts :)

    Di xx


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