Sunday, 22 February 2009

Making a Photographic Background

I thought this quick explanation of how to make your own graduated background in Photoshop (or similar) might come in useful. :)
It'll save you £££'s against buying one!

You need:
1 x Sheet of Matt Photographic paper (ideally A4)
1 x Ink-jet or Laser-jet printer
1 x Photo programme (e.g. Photoshop)

Instructions:1) Set your paper size to A4 (210 × 297 mm)
2) Use the Colour selector to select the Colours you'd like your gradient to be (e.g. Black & White)
3) Select the gradient tool (on photoshop it's behind the paint bucket tool)
4) Fill a selection by clicking and dragging the pointer across the canvas or selection. The larger the drag the more gradual the gradient will be. All of the control of the tool lies in the dragging of the pointer. Pressing and holding the shift key will create perfectly aligned gradients.
Have a play with whatever programme you're using their are normally a few options for different gradient styles.....
When you're happy print it out onto the photo paper and voilĂ  you have your own professional looking photo background! Here's an example of something I took using mine (I selected the darker area of the gradient but by using an A4 sheet you can also select a lighter gradient)

My pics aren't up to studio standard but with the help of a cheapo ebay light tent and some good lighting you can get some great results....

As a comparison here's the same jewellery item on a white background and a graduated background

Nic xxx

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  1. LOL I saw this tutorial elsewhere after someone tred to show me what they meant and I thought the background was added on afterwards! Feel a bit dumb now. Thanks for sharing.


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