Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Anubis - Masters Registry

Whilst there's still more work to do, I couldn't resist giving you a peek at how my Anubis figure is progressing.... a far cry from his early days ;)
Or even earlier.....
I 've put more pictures in my "Works in Progress" album on my Flickr photo stream.
Third fill and fire to go then I can start working on the base! need to be careful with the height now, at 11.8cms tall Anubis (+base) still need to fit in my kiln!
He currently weighs in a 151 grammes :)
Nic x


  1. WOW he is quite something! Looking forward to seeing the final photos. How are you going to finish him?

    Joy x

  2. That is a work of art, looks like he should already be in a museum somewhere! Great job!

  3. He's spectacular Nic! How about putting him on a base that's not silver? Wood, polymer, stone or bronze? You're bringing him to Purdue for Tim to see right? I wanna see too. Can't wait.

  4. I thought about other base materials but eventually decided on silver as it gives me more "future options"
    Not got time for all of them before Purdue but once he's passed "judgement" (how very apt for Gatekeeper of the Underworld)then I'm thinking selective gold overlay or enamels....
    Nic x

  5. He is stunning. I love his eyes.


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