Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hadar Jacobson Class

Hadar Jacobson teaches fabulous workshops and you'll learn LOADS about mixed metal clays.
Silver Clay has always been my preference as the warm metals don't suit my skin tone but after a class with Hadar my love of Bronze, Copper and Steel (yes you heard right ~ STEEL!) has been unleashed too :)
Our first project was to inlay bronze and copper together as these two metals scinter well together. The orange red colour below is the copper the brown is the bronze. We were shown how to make deep indentations in the background clay, dry it, then overfill with the contrasting clay.
Then you sand back to the layer that shows the two contrasting patterns. You'll find Hadars firing shedules on her Art in Silver site.
Below is a picture of Hadars Steel clay in it's powder form. I thought it was going to be a real pain to mix but it was actually very easy and the benefit is that it removes the problems of shelf life and waste clay. It does require a good shaking to make sure the powders haven't settled and evenly distribute them.
After mixing it produces the smoothest loveliest clay that is really flexible and a pleasure to work with (this is the same for all of Hadars clays).
I can see great potential in the steel as you can attach things with magnetic clasps and swappable elements will definitely be explored further!
There's so much more to say about Hadars class (I got so much out of it) so I'll post again soon with some more things that you might like to try :)
Nicola xx


  1. Hi nic! Have you already made your trip to America? Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, your so sweet. I wish you many, many blessings~Stacey

  2. I floy out on the 25th (very excited) :)
    Nic xx

  3. love those pieces!

  4. Hi!
    Im new to the artclay-world. :)
    I love the idea of steelclay, but i dont have a kiln, do you know if the Hadarclays can be fired with a torch? (i saw that the artclay copper could be, can the bronze be aswell?)
    Thanx for a verry informative blog! :)

  5. Sorry as far as I know steel clay is kiln only
    (Hadar is always working on new stuff though so it's worth visiting her site) :)


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