Monday, 24 May 2010

Soldering Silver Clay onto a Sterling Cufflink Finding

Soldering Silver Clay onto a Sterling Cufflink Finding
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This version shows the solder flowed on the base, then the cuff-link finding brought in ~ you'll find an alternative version on my Flickr stream showing the solder being put onto the finding and then brought onto the preheated PMC base.
(Use whichever works best for you)
Written Instructions for prep etc on on this blog post
Happy making
Nic xx
p.s. The creaking noise was my chair, lol


  1. You make everything look so easy! Thank you -

  2. Thank you so much!
    I have been wanting to solder cufflink findings for so long, but always get too anxious about it.
    I tried my first set after reading your tutorial & they came out a great success.
    I must say though, actually watching you do it is so helpful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your Blog is so great and Im going to watch all of your up coming Blogs!! ox

  4. TwoDogPond ~ you're welcome!
    Glad I could be useful as I LOVE your blog so much and enjoy all those caption comps immensely.
    Thank You (I treasure my pendant I won)

    Narelle ~ It's so good of you to let me know that my little tutorial was useful. Feedback like that makes it all worthwhile :)
    Thank you!

    Glad you like it, the next few blogs are probably going to be about the masters pieces PLUS Purdue PMC World Conference, but they'll hopefully still have some interesting stuff in :)

    Nic xx

  5. This is so helpful! I've struggled with this quite a bit and it's great actually seeing you do it. I still have problems though when the solder doesn't flow, even after heating for a long time, it just goes black and crumbly.

    Are you using easy, medium, or hard solder? and is the torch on a medium or high flame?


  6. In this example I'm using easy solder and the torch is always hot. If you have one of those little torches it may be that it's not hot enough.
    Ideally solder should flow within a few seconds :)
    Nic xx

  7. Hi Nicola

    Ive just come across your great tutorial on solderin cufflinks as im having trouble with mine. Can you tell me the make of your torch as i use a basic one from homebase and im not sure if its hot enough. The solder doesnt heatup for ages and then just goes black and crumbly. Also which tweezers should i use?

    Many thanks

  8. If you're solders not flowing then your torch may not be powerful enough.
    There's a review of torches on this blog (you'll find it on the search) :)
    Easiest to get hold of is the pro-cooks torch from Lakeland.
    Tweezers ~ and from Cookson Gold would be fine :)
    Nicola x

  9. Every time I try this I seem to just set it on fire, have tried both ways but just can't get it to stick. Any suggestions to what I'm doing wrong?


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