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Making a Silver Clay Finger Print Charm

Making a Silver Clay Finger Print Charm
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Mini-vid tutorial on making a fingerprint charm.
Here are the Key points:
1) Make sure you have everything to cutters/rollers etc ready before your start.
2) Use thicker slats to allow enough clay for the finger to push into.
3) If the print doesn't look clean then roll it up, re-condition the clay and start again :)
4) Leave enough edge to drill a hole for the jump ring to go through.
5) Dry it thoroughly (a warm room overnight is good)
6) Sand & clean the edges (or use a baby wipe to clean up the edge if it's neat enough already)
7) For maximum strength kiln fire but if you haven't got one of those torch or hob fire in a VERY well ventilated area.
(Instructions for this are on this blog)

Happy Making
Nic xx


  1. Hi I think your site is fab, its the best one ive come across and so helpful, love how you share all these things, its the only way i learn. Thanks Nicolax

  2. Thanks, just what I needed. The trouble I've had finding video tutorials on fingerprint jewellery!

    A couple of questions: Can you work the Art Clay Silver much the same as PMC (just the moulding bit)? How would you put a name on the back, just turn it over and press gently? Use a cocktail stick or other scribe?

    If you could spare the time to answer I'd be most grateful!
    Nicola x

  3. Hi Nicola
    You're welcome & yes you can use them just the same :)
    There's another tutorial on scribing names in the tutorial index but basically it's done once dry ~
    cleaner lines, no "kick-up" of the clay & avoids the risk of the squishing print.

  4. hi
    how do you make a minature fingerprint necklace. i have seen them but am not sure how its done
    thank you

  5. hello, i also have found your site really helpful. i have one question, on reading about how to make finger print jewellery some people talk about a 2 part mould, do i have to use this? or can i just press the child finger into the pmc and cut around it with my shape? x

  6. You can just press the Childs finger straight in :)
    2 part moulds are useful on babies fingers as they are soft and
    Babies tend to be difficult to get clear prints from.
    18 months and older tend to have the clearest prints :)

  7. You love clay and cats??!! I think I love you already!! I rescue cats and am just getting ready to try my hand with PMC to help raising funds for their care. This is the best blog EVER!!! =^..^=

  8. Lol - yes I love both
    When BoB was a kitten I did a tiny pawprint heart (I still wear it)
    nic x

  9. I'm not sure how make the charm with the PMC once you've made a mold of the fingerprint with the 2 part mix. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks SO much!

  10. Thank you for all of the great videos and tutorials. I am wanting to make two fingerprint charms for Christmas ( 7 year old and 2 year old fingers) and was wondering approx how much PMC I should buy. I don't have another project to use the leftovers so I didn't want to over buy. THANKS Robin

  11. Hi there,
    fantastic site!
    I am a novice - what clay would you reccomend?
    Many thanks, x

  12. Hey Nicola - happy new year :)

    I am progressing lovely and am just looking to now try and set a couple of gem stones!

    I have purchased ones that can be fired - Do I need to mount them first or anything or can I simply push them in as I am using a 3mm depth piece rather than rolling any thinner.

    Thanks as always Di xx

  13. I normally let it dry then carefully drill a smaller hole before drilling a bigger hole that the stone can fit into (which gives neater edges)
    The girdle (pointed outside edge) of the stone needs to be just below the surface of the clay and the top needs to be flat.
    That way the silver shrinks around the stone during firing and captures it in a strong bond.

    Alternatively you can just push them in and tidy up when dry.

  14. I want to make impressions from some friends out of state, what kind of impression materials can I use to transfer the prints to the pmc? Thank you, love your blog! Sarah

  15. Hi,

    I want to make some charms for people who cannot come to me. Is there impression materials out there that Will transfer to pmc, traveling through the mail? I have been searching for classes in Maryland, and can't find any!

  16. hi Nicola

    thanks for all the info- its most helpful. I am wanting to do a pendant with a fingerprint on the front and back- i thought about doing 2 and then gluing them together? but not sure how to 'glue' them? can i just wet them and press together-once fired do the stay?

    thanks so much

  17. If you wanted two prints on one pendant - I would make a reverse mould for the back then roll the clay onto that giving you the reverse fingerprint then impress the top layer - otherwise the pendant would be very thick....

    Alternatively double pendants always look really pretty.

  18. thanks nicola

  19. I have been firing my fingerprints but wondered if kiln would make them harder and more durable. Does the print keep its form? Also how do I a lovely high shine on my pieces? I have been making 'satin' finish but really want to get a high shine but am struggling.
    Many thanks in advance.

  20. Yes generally kiln firing makes them harder & stronger as you can fire hotter & longer (it's a scintering proess so that will make them more dense)
    yes the print will keep it's form & you could try a series of rubbeflex burrs or ever decreasing polishing papers to get the charm shiny (exclude the print area)
    Hope that helps


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